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Mobile Catering

For Your Mobile Catering Needs in Malaysia

mobile-catering-01In keeping any event or occasion alive, there is nothing more effective than great food. Everybody loves great food— this is a fact! The life of your party or event would depend on how you can satisfy the food cravings of your guests so that they could move on to enjoying the other great aspects of the occasion. However, there are instances wherein outdoor or large open venue events might need a special setup to satisfy your catering requirements.

One of the best ways to get the right food into your event is through finding the perfect mobile catering service in the country. That is why, it is very important for you as an organizer or host to have the best catering service in Malaysia.


Our mobile catering service comes fully equip to tackle any size and venue for your organized gatherings. We provide an adequate food truck that can prepare and dish out meals and snacks for your guests with any specific menu that you request. Our services are great for events held in stadiums, parks, wide fields or even in your backyard as long as you need a mobile catering service to handle your party’s food.

To further describe what we have to offer, here are the basic characteristics that you can enjoy from us.


Our Facilities

Our mobile catering service offer great outdoor facilities that can drive straight right to your venue. Our food trucks are fully equipped with the latest and most hygienic kitchen setups so you are assured that your guests will be fed with the most delicious and cleanest meals that they deserve.

We also offer table and venue setups together with our mobile food trucks. We can setup dining areas in your outdoor venue to provide better comfort for your guest. We can also assist you in decorating and setting up your venue with lights, tents and canopies to make the perfect ambiance for your event.


Our food

We specialize in delivering quality and delicious set of meals for our clients. We have a set menu of meals ranging from Malaysian, Asian, American or European cuisine. You can also request for specific dishes and snacks to be served to your guests. With our mobile kitchen setup, we will make sure that your meals are prepared fresh and delicious right at your venue.

We aim to satisfy your food needs by serving exactly what you requested.


Our steadfast claim

Our services also come with an assurance that whatever specific time and quantity requirements you may have will be well taken care of by our company. Our mobile catering service will always arrive on time or even hours before your set time. Thus, we will be ready to dish out and serve the first plate for your guests upon your signal.

Feel free to contact us anytime to find out more of the great catering and events management services that we offer. We will work with whatever setup you may have and we will make sure that all you have to worry about is getting everything else running smoothly for your event.

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