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Festival Catering

Best Festival Catering Services In Malaysia

You can never enjoy a festival in its true sense without a celebration, and you can never celebrate a festival without high-quality catering services. We are the providers of festival catering services for various festivals. Equipped with our dedicated, friendly, and passionate staff, we have a record of delivering to our clients the better services than they expect from us. We offer flexible menu selections and all the dishes are completely cooked by our cooks and we have a dedicated kitchen for this purpose. We provide full catering services to make our clients and their guests, comfortable during their celebration time.

Festival Catering Services We Provide

Christmas Catering

Christmas is the most widely celebrated festival of the Christians, and is celebrated all around the world. However, the celebrations of Christmas are somewhat special in Malaysia, and we understand this. This uniqueness of Christmas celebrations in Malaysia is associated with the variety of culinary items that people would want to become a part of their Christmas day celebration meal.

– Cakes: Cakes are the most important item on any Christmas day party. There are several types of delicious cakes we can offer like honey cakes, chocolate cakes, plain cakes, fruit cakes, etc. We guarantee that our cakes would taste great and look beautiful.

– Sweet Pastries: Pastries are the other important food item that is a must part of any Christmas day celebrations. We offer all the other food items like sweets, pastries, soft drinks, chocolates, etc.

– Drinks: There are several people who like to have alcoholic drinks in a Christmas day party, we offer many brands of alcohol to enrich the flavor of any Christmas day celebration in Malaysia.


Chinese New Year Catering

When you are deciding to host a Chinese New Year celebrations, then ours is the best festival catering you have in Malaysia. We offer high-quality Chinese New Year catering services and you would never regret taking our services.

– Chinese Dishes We Offer: Asian pear, Almond Milk, Bingtang hulu, Chicken feet, Century egg, Chinese Sausage, Claypot Rice, Crab Ragoon, Sesame Chicken, Scallion pancakes, Jellyfish, and many more Chinese dishes.


  • Also…

We can offer our services to other type of festival catering, if the clients contact us regarding them. We make various varieties of dishes, belonging to different cuisines, which could enhance the celebrations of any festival celebrations. Please call Bonnie at 018-2619207 for further information on other types of festival catering.

Specialty of Our Services

As a festival catering service provider we can organize a perfect occasion for your festival celebrations in the shortest possible time. Therefore, if you have taken a late decision to organize a festival celebration event, then we are the one you should contact. We can offer you other services like arranging tables, chairs, etc. We provide our services at reasonable costs and are easily affordable for all kinds of clients.

We provide a large number of popular dishes from which you can easily create a menu that would add superb flavor to your festival celebrations. We are here to offer you our services in creating and amazing atmosphere in your festival celebrations.


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