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Full Moon Catering

The Best Catering Services in Malaysia

full-moon-catering-01Your baby is finally one month and you would like to throw a party. Everything is set except one thing- a reliable caterer. The good news, do not panic, we are here to help you hold a momentous occasion. Here is the top class catering services right at your disposal. We let you sail with a smile in these hectic days…. And make your baby’s one month anniversary a blast.

Why us??


Best services at best rate

It is not just the pure enormity of the tasks involved that intrigues you to call for the experts in the trade. Life is faster these days and quite different from the conventional trends of calling and going by the lowest quotes. There is not enough time to ball around for prices or to compromise on the quality for that matter. The best things are got at the best rates. This is why you need to stick on to the best service providers always that are reliable, safe and capable of delivering in time.


Adapting to situational demands

Adapting to the situational demands is another important aspect when it comes to full moon catering services. Most of the prominent services will not come forward to lend any further assistance after having the required done. Just in case the guests are more by say 50 or 100 odd numbers. To cope up with the situation readily, experts should be available on call. We pay heed to everything of such a kind with the same enthusiasm for nominal additional charges.


Quality services

We always try to work with our customers completely as we do believe in earning good will and building a good rapport on a long term basis with our clients. Profits are secondary targets for us as our vision is to establish in the market a long term basis as a reliable, prestigious brand all the time. Out here in the whole of Malaysia we outclass everyone when it comes to top class catering of services. Quality is given paramount importance. We cater to the delight of the customers and they bring in new customers all the time.

Signature presence

First, we do have an interactive session with you or your family members about the plans and budgets. Right after a detailed understanding, we put forward the options under various heads such as the catering options, culinary, venue, theme decor inclusive of flowers, lighting arrangement, fun and entertainment, top class photography and advanced style videography too. Our team can come up with the best quotes possible right after you placing the orders with us as a one stop solution to all your needs completely. Deal with the best in the market for your peace of mind. Affordable prices are guaranteed to our customers plus astounding service.

Next time when you are planning for that special occasion, you can trust our team for the best services in this industry. You do not want anyone to mess up with any detail during this big occasion and that is why we are your ideal partner as you mark this special day. Call us today for a quote.


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