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Ice Cream Catering

Potential Ice Cream Catering Service For Your Event

ice-cream-catering-03 If you think that matching the catering needs with the event size is a headache, we can help you here at Malaysia catering. Since typical occasions may vary in size from less than 50 people to over 500 attendants. We deal with events ranging from corporate parties, birthday parties, school functions, outdoor affairs to weddings. For efficacy, we will provide you with the solution for both your outdoor or indoor and which is potentially scalable even in big events. We are potential caterers and can handle all the needs of Ice Cream Catering and other form of catering for your occasion. If you are holding big events, you will definitely need a potential caterer to offer you such services.

What’s Good About Us


We leave you with no worries

One good thing of employing Malaysia caterers is that, we have a wide range of equipments and you will not worry about the size of your party. Even if you are having more than 500 visitors, you will rest assured that all your guests will leave satisfied. We use high quality machines, which will serve you very well and assure you perfect service. Some of the machines that we have range from simple coolers to small trailers that comprise of standard freezers and support equipments like sink and awnings. Choosing our services will help you to make your goal of the event attainable. We have been in the caring market for long and are willing to plan your catering. We will not only provide ice-cream but also serve your visitors until the event is over.


We are experienced professionals

If you choose our Ice Cream Catering, we will give you service beyond expectation. Our experienced professionals are highly knowledgeable and can advice you on any catering needs. If you do not want to mess your occasion, we will give you hassle-free services and never let you down. Our experts understand the different temperatures at which ice-cream should be served. For instance, gelato and ice-cream is served at varying temperatures. Although retail gelato use forced air in refrigerating, the freezer can be impracticable in mobile catering which is part of our service. We are a group of experienced caterers and will supply you with freezer types that contain adjustable thermostats for flexibility or when your event needs different product types.


We offer off-premise catering services

Before you choose an Ice Cream Catering provider, you must know whether they do off-premise catering. Our services are effective since we can handle all the needs of your guests. We are certified and have commissary to meet the health regulations. We take off-premise Ice Cream Catering as a lucrative and invaluable exercise.

ice-cream-catering-01Since you will need to ponder about cost before employing a caterer, you can approach our services and we will be glad to give you the best offers. You will enjoy great pricing of Ice Cream Catering. Our professionals will work with your party or event planner to ensure that you carry everything successfully. If you want to work with experienced caterers who will make your event as lucrative as possible, you will find our Ice Cream Catering excellent.

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