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Mexican Catering

Impress Your Guests With Authentic Mexican Catering Services

mexican-catering-01Not a single event or party is complete without delectable food. Be it a wedding, corporate meeting or a birthday party, you can make your guests happy with mouth watering food. Do you want to make your event a great hit? Yes! Then you ought to serve them the delicious platter of Mexican food. This cuisine is just the perfect option to offer a twist to the regular Malaysian delicacies.


Mexican food always brings a special charm in all occasions. Moreover, the dishes are rich in protein as most of them contain fish, meat and cheese. However, when you wish to have authentic food served at your event, it is essential for you to avail the help of an expert Mexican catering service like ours that is capable of handling all your specific requirements. With our many years of expertise in Malaysia, we would be able to help you decide a menu that will be apt for the event and your guests. You can choose from our pre-planned menu to make sure that you offer only the best dishes to your guests. We also pride ourselves in offering various catering services such as:

Extensive western menu:

We pride ourselves in mastering some of the excellent recipes from western cuisine to make sure that your guests get to taste the delightful Mexican food. Choose from an extensive menu of burgers, sandwiches, fritters, salads, finger fries, crisps, pastas, chops, pancakes, crepes, cakes, pies and tarts. We offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes so that we can fulfill the wishes of all our customers.

Barbeque Recipes:

What is more exciting than satisfying your guest’s taste buds with our barbeque grill recipes? Yeah we will provide you with varieties of barbeque recipes, such as grilled tuna, salmon, chicken and meat. You can also order a special menu of grilled vegetables along with these dishes, especially if any of your guests is extremely health conscious.

Veteran catering service:

When you choose our Mexican catering services, you can be assured that we make it a priority to treat every guest of yours very well and serve them the best Mexican foods that they have never tasted. Both kids and adults in your party will just love our dishes. We thoroughly follow your order serve the foods right before the eating time so that they remain piping hot.

Dedicated staff team:

Our staffs are highly trained and dedicated in their work. Thus, you will get not a single chance of complaining regarding their responsibilities. They arrive at your venue with neatly pressed uniforms, have charming and welcoming smile on their faces, and have the skill to cater to the guests depending upon their likes and dislikes. In case if your guests have some health problems, our staffs would happily guide them towards the perfect food that they can eat.

Other services:

Unlike the rest, we not only focus on offering the Mexican catering service but also do a bit of event management. We offer chairs, tables, lights, and canopies, drapes of satin or silk and floral arrangements to make your venue look mesmerizing.

Aren’t you impressed to know all about our service? Do you still have any doubt in your mind? Hey then why don’t you call us and find yourself? We are sure once you hire our services, you will never look at another company. So why are you waiting? We are just one call away!

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