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Mini Catering

Best Catering Services in Malaysia

Looking for the best mini catering services can be a very daunting process especially here in Malaysia. It takes a lot of time just to find the right catering service. If you are looking for the best catering services that will leave your guests happy and satisfied, then this is the place for you. Whether you are in need of a corporate event or a social event for example a lavish wedding we can arrange all that with the best prices possible. You will not regret why you did business with us. We do not just provide services for you but we actually live through the experience with you. Therefore what may disappoint you will surely disappoint us too. Hence, we strive to give you the best ever service.

Here are the reasons why we are the best when it comes to mini catering services


We are devoted to our clients

When we provide catering services for a particular client we devote 100 % time and ability to those particular clients. When you have booked with us an event for example a corporate event and you want us to provide catering services for you; we will make sure you have sufficient and exclusive catering services.


We have a valid catering license and insurance

With this time and age many companies have mushroomed claiming to offer catering services. When you look closely into them you will find out that most of them are not licensed and hence you just cannot trust their services. We have a valid license hence our food and drinks have met both local and international health department standards.


Dedicated and qualified staff

Our staff is excellent in the services they provide. They are well trained professionals with credentials to show for it. Take for example the chefs that work with us they are well trained and have certifications from accredited institutions both here in Singapore and also abroad.


We offer a wider range of food and cuisine to choose from

Our menus are endless; in fact you will be spoilt for choice. Name any type of food that you want and you will be sure to find it here. This includes buffets, mini buffets and box lunch specials. Our range of services also includes traditional sit down meals whereby each individual is served with his/her own meal. This is very advantageous for the elderly and young children.

mini-catering-01Apart from offering mini catering services we also specialize in event management. We deal with banquets; wedding, corporate events just to mention a few. So if you are looking to have a wedding and/or any other event this is the best place for you. Why? It is pretty simple, we offer you the best services and above all we present you with an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Another advantage worth mentioning is that it will save you both money and time since we will cater for both the corporate- arrangement, venues etc- aspect of it and the catering aspect of it- dishes in particular.

There is a famous proverb that says learning something by being told is not enough but rather living through that experience is the best teacher. Come sample for yourself our services and feel free to rate us. It’s simply the best mini catering service in Malaysia just say the least.

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