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Office Catering

Office Catering – Why you Should Hire Our Catering Services

office-catering-01Food is fun and there are many events revolve around it. There’re often many office functions throughout the year where caterers are hired to cater for such events. Our company has specialized for long in offering office catering services within Malaysia. There are many things which we consider & prepare prior to the event; from the food service to the program flow & the attendees. We also ensure that the comfort of your guests is also taken into consideration.

Facts about our office catering services

Since we know that office catering is quite different from catering for wedding & parties, we have ensured that we have expertise for office catering. Therefore, we assure our clients high quality & expert services during their events. We generally offer the following services:

  • Decorations
  • Equipment
  • Soft drinks, wines and beverages
  • Well trained waiting staffs
  • Wide selection of food that includes; hot fork buffer, tea, biscuits, coffee, special diets, conference catering, gourmet crisps, sandwich specials, fresh fruits, breakfast, club lunch just to mention a few.



Your budget should go hand in hand with the event scope and the purpose. In order to budget for your party well, we normally ask our clients these questions: What types of foods and drinks do you want? How many attendees & how many are you expecting during your event? Do you intend to hold the office party in the work office itself or you are planning to look for a suitable location off-site? Is this the first time you are holding this event or does it happen often? Knowing the answer to these questions will help us to plan well for your event & of course this information is important for the success of your party.

We always offer high quality food for event

Since serving quality food is the most important factor to consider when it comes to any event, we always ensure that the food we serve to your guests is superior since; you have paid for the services. We have been offering office catering for long therefore we cannot serve mediocre food during your event.

In case our clients seek for a particular menu during their occasions, we do serve them with what they want. For example, if they want to cater for large number of vegetarians, there are a huge variety of vegetarian dishes which we can serve them. Also, if they are planning to serve low fat dessert or food to their guests, we are able to provide wide options of delicious low fat treat. You only need to choose from our menu.

However, if you want a particular dish, it is important to specify what you want prior to your occasion. We have a keen interest in preparing & have high appealing menus for all our clients who may need our services in order to suit their needs.

The fee we charge for our office catering services is pocket friendly and we offer discount for large order that you cannot get anywhere else.

office-catering-02Our office catering services always provide: different types of menu, several variations in menu sets, flexibility of customizing your menu type, quality food, best presentation of food during the event, enough waiters to provide waiting services and many other things which you might want during your event. Feel free to contact us or you can leave behind your contacts if you are planning to hold an office party.

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