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Chinese New Year Catering

Chinese New Year Catering: Have a great time with family, friends and delicious food

chinese-new-year-catering-01This year will soon come to an end, so this means that you should start preparing for welcoming the New Year which will hopefully be much better for all of us. Chinese New Year Catering Malaysia takes this transition as a very important event that you and your family or friends should spend in a wonderful ambiance with delicious food and impeccable service. We have a long list of foods you’ll be able to enjoy as we’ll enter the New Year.

Our Specialties

Our Menus

Chinese New Year Catering Malaysia catering will ensure that while you’ll enjoy your family reunion and also have fun with your invited friends, our professionals will prepare an authentic Chinese menu that you won’t be able to resist. We can offer a wide range of Chinese foods, including Saucy stir fry bean sprouts, leftover Szechuan chicken salad, spring beef on egg noodles, Zesty Zucchini stir fry, the popular Beijing Duck and anything you can imagine. As for dessert, some of them include Chinese chilled melon bowl, sweet black sesame soup, Lychee smoothies and many more.

We pride ourselves to having a great variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage and we can serve fine wines, cocktails, beers and natural juices. Our policy is “you name it and we’ll get it for you”.




No fuss, just fun

Preparing for one such big and important event personally will take a very long time and you’ll certainly get lost in the details, but that won’t be the case when you allow the Chinese New Year Catering Malaysia professionals take care of this. Preparing the food and delivering it is a very minute task and you maybe don’t have the time and also experience to make prepare it. Not even mentioning the fact that after everyone will leave, you’ll have to clean up everything after maybe 20 or 30 people have drunk and dined with you. When you consider our services, all that you’ll have to worry about is having fun as we’ll take care of the rest.





Catering for small and large groups

Regardless of how many people you’ll choose to invite, we can ensure that there’s a menu for everyone’s needs and budget. For instance, the Chinese New Year Catering Malaysia mini buffets come in microwavable and disposable containers, along with disposable cutleries for a setting that will look much like your home.

For a larger group, we have a list of full sized mouth watering menus that consist of duck, pork, chicken, lamb meat and combinations, which will be perfect for spending a memorable time while enjoying authentic Chinese food. From the simplest to the most complex menus, we ensure that each of them are minutely prepared so that once you try them you’ll be permanently hooked to their unique taste and exotic ingredient combination.






Event management services

We also offer event management services, so if you need more banquet chairs, banquet tables, canopies, decorations and everything else to make your event stand out, just let us know. We’ll designate a team of professionals who will make everything look exactly as you imagined: perfect and breathtaking.






chinese-new-year-catering-02So don’t waste any more time, pick up the phone and give us a call to ensure your New Year event will be absolutely gorgeous. Regardless of the number of people and types of food you want to enjoy, Chinese New Year Catering will make it happen, so that you can have a great time with your family and friends!

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