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Finger Food Catering

Finger Food Catering Services In Malaysia

finger-food-catering-02As the name suggests, finger foods are the kind of foods which are eaten using only the fingers; no spoons, knives forks required. These types of foods are very common in most parts of Africa and Asia, Malaysia included. Most Malaysian cuisines are prepared to be eaten specifically with fingers, and they are very tasty and delicious. Though the preparation of these foods might be easy, you need the services of a good professional catering to ensure you get the best tasty meals. Finger Food Catering services differ in a wide range, depending on the type of meals to be prepared and the specific event for its preparation.

Why Choose Finger Food Catering?


Finger food catering is the best and cheapest solution of taking care of many guests at an event without compromising their needs or satisfaction. Make your event special and unique by seeking help from the finger food catering providers for the finger food options and additional appetizers. Your guests would be amazed by the tasty foods and the compliments would be flowing from all corners. You can choose from a number of finger food packages for your guests or customize your own menu to suit your needs. Your event will be hassle-free since the foods are easy to prepare within a short time and they are very easy to eat.




Finger food catering is ideal for various kinds of events and gatherings including sports events, corporate events, weddings and birthday celebrations, business and conference meetings, funerals, anniversary parties, house or school parties, graduations and award events, office celebrations, gallery openings and many other ceremonies where finger foods would be suitable. Actually, there is no single event where finger foods are not recommended. They can fit anywhere easily, providing a great alternative to the normal hassles associated with complex event meals. Many event organizers nowadays prefer finger food catering due to its simplicity and numerous other benefits. The foods are bite-sized, sumptuous yet very cheap and satisfying.

Save costs

Finger food catering comes with several benefits to event organizers. The main benefit is that it helps save on costs. Everyone wants to minimize and save on costs of food for events. Finger food is the best way to save money since it does require the purchase or hiring extra spoons, knives, forks or other essential utensils; people eat using their hands/fingers. Moreover, the preparation of the food is quite easy and hot storage materials are required like in other meals. To save even more on the cost, you do not have to hire seats and tables for your guests. Finger foods are easily eaten while standing. This means even the event space required will be small and therefore cheap to rent.


Many cultures in Asian and African countries (such as Ethiopia) prefer eating using the fingers; some associate it with energetic cleansing. While eating with hands, it is easier for you to socialize with the various participants of the event or meeting as compared to when using knives and spoons.

If you think finger food catering is the best idea for your upcoming event or ceremony, then consider the catering services from experienced and professional chefs like us. We provide the best quality catering services within Malaysia and its surrounding at very affordable prices. We are very reliable and you can get various catering services. If interested, you can contact us through phone or email or fill your contact details on the inquiry form for more details on our catering services.

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