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Indian Catering

Indian Catering – Ordering The Best Indian Cuisine For Your Guests

indian-catering-01 Organizing a birthday party, office get-together or marriage of a loved one? Apart from the location, the decorations and the invitations, you also need to take care of refreshments for the guests. Depending on the occasion or the importance of the event you may want to have an elaborate several course dinner or just serve cocktails and snacks. If you are looking specific cuisine then we can recommend our Indian catering services.

Diversity Of Indian Cuisine

Good food plays an important part in any celebration and if you are looking for Indian catering specifically then we offer exclusive Indian food suited to your taste. Indian cuisine changes dramatically as you move from North to the South and from West to the East. Geography plays an important role in the cuisine of the people as it dictates the availability of certain type of foods. The local climate and the weather play a significant role. The cuisine is as diverse and rich in variety as the country itself. While the deep south and eastern regions thrive on sea food, the northern parts depend on animal meat. Vegetables, pulses and cereals play an important role in Indian food.

Choosing Food From Specific Regions

We cater to your every need and offer whole range of food items from the Indian sub-continent.

Pick from the rich foods of Punjab made famous by the road side eateries called Dhabas.
Choose richly spiced foods from the Northern parts.
Or opt for the complex southern fare incorporating the widely available coconut, chilly and pepper.
Choose from the wide variety of Indian breads from Tandoori breads to normal Rotis, Paranthas and Kulchas.
Or pick from a whole range of rice-based dishes like Pulavs and Biriyanis.

Each region as its own speciality distinct in style, taste and method of preparation. Awadh, Hyderabad and Lucknow are famous for the food inspired by the royal families of the region. Rich in cream, dry fruits and exclusive spices and delicate flavors the food preparations are indeed fit for kings. You can enjoy the very same food by hiring our Indian catering services.

You want something simple then choose from really hot and spicy food from Andhra or sweet and delicate delicacies from Gujarath, light evening dishes like Idlis, dosas, appams and iddiappams from the south or Portugese-inspired fare from Goa. Street foods called chat items are also hot favorites among the young and old alike.

indian-catering-02A Complete Indian Experience

Our Indian catering services can serve any number of people from 50 to 500 or more. You can choose from exclusive region specific food items or pick a few from region to enjoy a complete Indian experience. If you are an ex-pat Indian and wish to serve a taste of your home country to your guests then we can help you.

Check out our rates and you will them pretty reasonable. We also offer banquet tables and chairs for your guests. We also offer decorations of the event location and offer canopy services for outdoor parties. We are a one-stop service that will cater to your every need in Indian catering.

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