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Vegetarian Catering

Vegetarian Catering: Offering Turnkey Vegetarian Catering Solutions

vegetarian-catering-01Catering Malaysia offers a wide variety of catering services, because of the many different clientele that we receive; from individuals, corporate and governmental. Unique to us is that we offer a service of catering to those who have taken a lifestyle of partaking of the earth, thus we don’t only offer this treasured clientele food, but we attest to their chosen lifestyle.


This is based on our “Vegan- Lifestyle Model”, which we have developed and involves understanding the Vegan Sub-Culture as part of the philosophy of this model. Because any sub-culture involves going against the societal ‘grain’, so to to speak, thus by developing this model, we prove to our clients that we understand them and are committed to providing them with the highest Vegan Gastronomical Excellence.

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Vegetarian Catering: “Clash of the Vegans.”

Since we are in the business of offering custom-made turnkey catering solutions to the cacophony of our clientele, and to this effect we have designed a model to ensure our efficiency and satisfaction of our clientele. Malaysia is a poutpourri of cultures, which possess different food cultures. Thoughtfully, we follow the same line of thought in our Vegan-Diet model by identifying the vegan subcultures within the subculture itself. Understanding each of them is our highest priority, thus in developing this model, we utilize the methods of observation, culture-hacking, direct contact, historical analysis and genuine interest from both us and clientele. Variety in vegetarian emotions must be carefully analysed since we cater to all vegetarians, whether based on religious sentiment or personal choice. Inclusive are: Ovo-Vegetarianism, Raw-Veganism, Sattivic Vegetarianism, Fruitarianism, Buddhist Vegetarianism, Jaina Vegetarianism, Ovo-Lacto Vegetarianism, Lacto-Vegetarianism, Veganism, Macro-biotic Diets, even for the Semi-Vegetarianism, catering to Pescetarianism, Pollotarianism, Pollo-Pescetarian, too. Having a firm grasp of these groups is our main goal in this model, so as to avoid the “clash of the vegans.”

Vegetarian Catering: A blend of Malaysian Vegan Gastronomy and International Vegan Gastronomy.

At Catering Malaysia, we offer a blend of vegan gastronomical culture, because Malaysia is a multicultural hub. We aim to make our Malaysian clientele feel more at home and in touch with our motherland, our International clientele to feel that they are part and parcel of Malaysia. Because at Catering Malaysia, we strongly advocate for the philosophy of food, that when different people sit at table to share a meal (in this case a vegan meal), much is done about something. From Home Food Delivery, to large scale Vegetarian Catering, we do it all. We offer the best Malaysian and International Vegetarian recipes, custom-made to fit our clientele’s wishes.

Vegetarian Catering: A taste for all.

vegetarian-catering-02At Catering Malaysia, you savour and understand the taste of ‘Nasi Goreng’ (fried rice), ‘Semur Terong’(sweet egg-plant stew) and much more. Catering Malaysia, catering to the different people in society, from the cart-driver, to the business executive, having competitive prices. So visit us at Catering Malaysia and experience excellence in Vegetarian Catering and events management services. “Taste, taste.”

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