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Bar Catering

Factors to Consider When Choosing For the Right Bar Catering Service

If you are looking for the right bar catering service, there are a lot of factors that you should consider. But firs of, you will need to identify what your event will be, then determine what kind of liquor or beverages you will need to serve. This will serve as a general guideline for bar catering for all types of occasions that include weddings, parties, conferences, festivals, and the like.


The following are the factors that you must consider when looking for the right bar catering service:



“What does the catering service offer?” This is a question you should ask yourself when choosing for a bar catering service. See if they offer packages such as Standard Wine and Beer, Standard Full Bar, Top-shelf Wine and Beer, Top-Shelf Full Beer, or a Wine and Beer plus a Specialty Drink. You must know the kind of event so you can choose the appropriate package for it.



There is a wide variety of drinks for a bar catering service, but mixers and garnishes are also important when it comes to this factor. When you want to offer beers, bottles are usually the better packaging than cans or in kegs, as they tend to look much classier. Nevertheless, it still depends on the event. For more corporate or sophisticated events, wines make a great choice. However, choosing the right one is trickier than choosing the kind of liquor or cocktail since there are wines that do not match to certain kinds of food. For liquor, the popular options are Vodka, Rum, Gin, Scotch, Whiskey, and Tequila. But look for a bar catering service who has a great knowledge of beverages and liquors to know what matches with this and that.



Another important factor is determining who your guests are. Finding out the age group is essential in knowing what to serve in your event. Generally, younger ones tend to go for beer and cocktails while older guests would have vodka, scotch, or white wine. In addition, if you mostly have workmates as your guests and all of you must go to work the next day, it is best to serve drinks that will not make them tipsy in the morning.



Know what kind of event you are having. If you are having corporate events, then the less toxic yet classier drinks are definitely what you should serve. However, if you are having rowdier events such as birthday bashes or parties, then you could choose stronger (but not too much) options such as beer and cocktails.

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