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Catering Packages

Best Catering Packages Offered in Malaysia

catering-packages-01When you are deciding to hire a good catering service for an event in Malaysia. The most important thing that you should look for is the packages offered by that catering service. We offer flexible and affordable catering packages to our clients. These are the two factors that make our catering packages highly attractive for everyone. Whatever your need might be, we can fulfil all your expectations and surpass them with our high quality service.

Catering Packages Offered By Us

When you select any of our catering package you get the option to choose from many dishes belonging to various cuisines. This flexibility of selecting the package, gives you that opportunity to customize your package according to your budget and taste.

Buffet Packages

These types of packages are suitable for fullmoon parties, birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, office opening, and many other types of celebrations. The dishes in the package include chicken items, vegetable items, fish dishes, taufoo dishes, rice dishes, deserts, appetisers, fruit juices, soft drinks, crackers, fried items, etc. You can easily create your own package for the buffet, which would be suitable for your occasion.

BBQ Packages

The barbeque packages that we offer are suitable for any occasion that is being hosted in an open area. The packages you can choose offer you plenty of options like chicken dishes, fish dishes, prawn dishes, rice dishes, many side dishes, squid dishes, fruit salads and many other type of salads.

Stall Packages

These packages are suitable for events hosted in large areas and attended by large number of guests. We understand the needs of hosts and guests of these occasions and thus offer an enormous collection of cuisines that would grace the occasion with their taste and aroma. The option available in this package are Malaysian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Malay cuisine, Penang Cuisine, Indian cuisine, BBQ set, deserts, and various fruit drinks to enhance the food experience of the guests.

Kenduri Packages

We have the biggest, widest and largest collection of cuisines and dishes for creating perfect Kenduri menu. We have added the modern touch to the traditional serving concept of Malaysia. The dishes you can choose from include beef dishes, chicken dishes, prawn dishes, vegetable dishes, rice dishes, fruits, appetizers, fried food items, various drinks, and crackers.

Seminar Packages

When you are hosting a seminar it is important that the catering you provide should be of highest quality as your reputation is at stake. We offer you the services that would make sure that you get the most admiration from all your people who are attending the seminar. The seminar packages from which you can choose have many dishes options made from chicken, rice, vegetables, fishes, noodles, etc. You would also find fried food items, fruit juices, kuih, and drinks of many types like tea, coffee, etc.

There are still other packages that we offered. Please call Bonnie at 018-2619207 to know more about the packages.

We offer the most flexible and versatile catering packages in Malaysia at affordable rates. Whatever, might be the occasion we could easily fulfil all your demands with our high-quality catering service.

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