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A catering firm which has operated for many years, doesn’t mean that it is able to guarantee you with a satisfactory catering event. Catering Malaysia, though officially set up in March 2012, has offered catering services to many clients, and some are even return clients. We are confident to say that, with these few years of cater experiences, we are actually keep improving to ensure that we provide the top most quality services to our honoured clients. And of course, we have the responsibilities to make sure that every catering event run smoothly from the beginnings to the ends.

What make us highly ranked by our previous clients? What make us to have good feedbacks from our previous clients?

  • Our main motto is to provide the most elegant catering event to our clients. We guarantee that we are professional enough to serve you and your guests, that we will not turn your catering event into an embarassing one.
  • Not only quality services, we also use the freshest ingredients in preparing all the meals for catering.
  • Hygienic is one of the most important factor that affect the views and comments of your guests on your catering. Not only the way we prepare food, but also the condition of places that you hold catering, we are trying our best to keep everything clean and with no mess.

And here, we are proudly to claim that, the support and trust from our clients, is the best motivation for our catering firm to continue providing you best quality of catering services and event management services.

We are one part of Retro Catering which consists of these professional services.






To fulfill our final task that is to provide convenience to our clients, we have engaged our partnership to another catering services provider – Malaysia E-Village to offer you all the catering decorations and equipment rentals. You can get any equipments such as banquet tables, banquet chairs, canopies and etc from Malaysia E-Village. To know more about Malaysia E-Village, you can always visit their website, www.EventCompanyMalaysia.com

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