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Seminar Catering

Seminar Catering: Enjoy Successful Event Each And Every Single Time

seminar-catering-01Do you have a seminar that will last for a few days or you need to organise catering for a large conference? One of the most important aspects of your event that you’ll carefully need to consider is the food and beverages you’ll serve, which can easily make or break the special occasion. And in the case of training groups and seminars, it will only be in your best interest to consider providing food that is energising and nourishing.


However, if the lunch you provided is not impressive enough, then it will maybe remain the only thing your invitees will remember about the day. If you want to avoid a failed seminar, then you should leave all the preparations to us.

We ensure the success of any event

Seminar Catering Malaysia has coordinated thousands of events, many of them being exactly like yours. So how about you will relax and let our professionals handle everything so that your event will look amazing, have everything it needs and run smoothly?



Whether you would like to leave the menu to us or you would like to personally create one, Seminar Catering will make sure that your specific requirements will be fully met and that everything will be calculated in such a way, that your budget will not be exceeded. Even if you have an event that will run over numerous days, our professionals will ensure it’ll benefit from a gourmet selection every day. After all, no one likes to eat the same food every single day.


Coffee and tea

Seminar Catering can easily set up coffee and tea stations wherever you want and in order to assist with the service and preparation throughout the day, we can also delegate staff attendants. However, maybe you would like a do it yourself style, whereby we are going to provide you with everything you need and it will fall on to you to take care of serving the food and drinks. Whatever the choice, we can make it happen.


Buffet Lunch/Dinner

Whether you’re planning for a dinner party or maybe for a very interesting product lunch, our dinner and lunch buffet catering menus feature a wide array of dishes that are well prepared and pertain to both international and Asian cuisines. You can expect to savour an amazingly looking spread of eight to twelve delicious dishes that will undoubtedly leave your guests speechless.


Event management

Seminar Catering is proud to be offering event management services as well, so whether you need tables, banquet chairs, canopies or anything else, just let us now and we’ll take care of the rest. We are very dedicated and perfectionists, so there will be no compromises from our side.


Bento Box Catering Menu

Are you someone who just doesn’t like to fuss around with the food and drinks you’re going to provide to your guests? Well, if that is the case, Seminar Catering will offer you the option of considering a Bento Box catering menu. There are many types of foods you’ll be able to choose from, like Hong Kong, German, Thai, Asian and so on and the great news is that our Gourmet sandwich and Bento Box meals are wholesome and very convenient. In terms of price, they are perfect for many kinds of occasions, including business meetings, seminars and so on.


If you really want your event to be a success, then wait no longer. Give us a call and tell us what you need and we’ll provide you with our best possible service for an unforgettable catering experience!

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